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As an experienced writer, editor, copywriter and lifestyle content specialist, I know how to tell stories that people want to read. From writing for outlets such as Inside Out, Home Beautiful, GQ Australia, Marie Claire Australia, and Vanity Fair to brands like Qantas, Subaru, Myer, PGH Bricks & Pavers, Bupa and Carlisle Homes, I write words that work.

Whether it's via an article, blog, case study, press release, brochure or web copy, let me tell your story. 

I engaged Joanne to work on a series of interior design related-articles this year. Our client was really happy with the multiple articles that were created and Joanne did a wonderful job at keeping to the brief, managing the feedback throughout and making sure the articles were on brand.

Jessie Craven, Brand Manager, Seesaw

Resort living

When Brigitte and Scott moved to Australia from their native South Africa, they fell in love with Victoria’s Surf Coast and decided to build a house in Torquay. After taking advantage of a “buoyant market” they sold it in 2016, but then decided to build the same house – Boutique Homes’ Barcelona – again. “We loved our Barcelona. We wanted to remain in the Geelong/Surf Coast region, but wanted a larger block of land and a pool,” explains Brigitte.

Now You See It

There was a moment in the summer of 2016 when Ewan McEoin looked at the neon pink structure that had taken up temporary residence in the NGV’s backyard, aka the Grollo Equiset Garden, and realised it had struck a chord with all ages. “It was absolutely slammed with so many kids, which was fantastic to see,” remembers McEoin, the NGV’s senior curator, Contemporary Design and Architecture. “People made an effort to come to the gallery just to see that project.”

Dot’s House, Fitzroy: House designed with the cat in mind

After 30 years of owning a Victorian terrace in Fitzroy as an investment property, Jenny Vizard was faced with a dilemma. Needing a new home, she could either renovate the tired inner-city cottage and move in herself, or sell it and buy elsewhere. “I was apprehensive about renovating, but I had a sentimental attachment to the little house. So I felt it was a possibility that was worth investigating,” she said.

Buyers swapping trees for trams as city living calls

WE can all understand the appeal of a tree change; giving up our stressful city lives and moving to the country. It seems it’s something Australians are embracing, with recent Australian Bureau of Statistics figures showing an increasing number of interstate and intrastate population movements are to either tree or sea change regions. But plenty of people are happy to do just the opposite. Regional and country Victorians are making tree changes in reverse by buying themselves Melbourne bases...

Olinda house by Bent Architecture an eco wonder one with nature

When vet Matt decided to make a tree change and move to the Dandenong Ranges, he knew choosing the right location was crucial. “It’s one of those areas where you really want someone with local knowledge to help you with where you buy, because there are good blocks and bad blocks,” he explained. When he came across a 1.4ha site within walking distance of Olinda and Sassafras, he jumped at the chance to buy it, despite the fact the property was looking pretty unloved.

Colour crush: choose hues for an easy but transformative makeover

WATCH an episode of The Block and there’s one thing the competitors are guaranteed to moan about (apart from each other) and that’s painting. But paint is actually one of the most effective and economical ways of transforming your home. “It is the maximum amount of impact you can get for the minimum amount of expense or effort,” said Haymes Paint colour and concept manager Wendy Rennie.

Force of Nature

Trudy Rice always wanted to make art her career. At high school, she adored her art lessons and dreamt of opening a gallery. But then disaster struck. “At the end of year nine, I broke my arm horse riding and had to take weeks off school,” remembers Geelong-born Trudy. “Unfortunately, that meant I missed the designated day to pick up my coursework for the year and my teacher threw it out. I was completely floored it had ended up in the bin so decided to pursue other creative pursuits.”

Dramatic reno blasts ‘70s Kew pad out of the past

WITH seven bedrooms, four bathrooms and a pool, this two-storey double-brick house in Kew was certainly a dream home for the professional couple who bought it in 2011. But as much as they loved the space, they weren’t blind to the shortcomings of their solidly built 1970s “mansion”. On a steep block, the house had a pool that was isolated and an elevated backyard only accessed via a long corridor on the first floor that ran past the bedrooms.

Turn over a new leaf by getting in some indoor plants

Houseplants, you might say, are having their moment in the sun. Check out Instagram or interiors magazines and you’ll see Monsteras, aloe veras and fiddle-leaf figs everywhere. Plant expert Maria Colletti, a New York plant workshop teacher, said houseplants were a beautiful addition to your decor but also had an important function. “Plants make us happy. When we look at greenery and something that is alive, it gives us a good feeling,” said the author of Living Decor, a book about using indoor plants in creative ways.
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