Melissa George: "Now I Can Start Afresh"

Melissa George has always been one to wear her heart on her sleeve. Unlike some Hollywood stars who are obsessed with keeping their private lives, well, private, George seems to have no such qualms. In fact, the last time she appeared on Sunday magazine's cover, in November 2010, she gushed about her blissfully happy life with husband of 10 years, Claudio Dabed. As she described how he still brought her a cup of coffee in bed every morning, the journalist commented it was "obvious she [was] still hopelessly in love".

Hamish & Andy: The Odd Couple

Way outside Melbourne, next to a sad, old caravan that’s seen better days, two dark haired blokes are running around a farmer’s field in cut-off boiler suits. As they brandish their toy swords and shields before collapsing in a fit of giggles, the farmer, watching from the sidelines, shakes his head with a bemused expression. It may be baffling to the uninitiated farmer, but for Hamish Blake and Andy Lee (best known as Hamish & Andy) this bout of tomfoolery is just another day at the office...

How this bach and her beau have decked out their home

It’s a special time when you decide to move in with a partner. But while you both might bring a sense of excitement to the new digs, be prepared for the fact you might also both bring disparate furniture! You might even relate to the scene in ‘80s movie When Harry Met Sally when Carrie Fisher moves in with new boyfriend Bruno Kirby, whose furniture includes a wagon-wheel coffee table not to Fisher’s liking.

Christina Ricci: Girl Interrupted

Hollywood isn't always kind to its child stars. While some have managed to turn eariy stardom into a successful adult career (Drew Barrymore, Kristen Stewart), the walk of fame is littered with those who have crashed and burned under the pressure - Edward Fur1ong, (Terminator 2), the two Coreys; Halm and Feldman (The Lost Boys) and Jonathan Lipnicki (Jerry Maguire) to name a few. Christina Ricci could easily have gone the same way...
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